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Company Intranet – Office 365 Sites using Terms Store Management and Taxonomy

Using the Term Store Management tool and Taxonomy for navigation and a quick links section for documents and links that staff request frequently.



First create a document library to load documents


The Navigation is based on the taxonomy


File is uploaded to the intranet site and then tagged with a Company Type and Company description that are chosen from Drop Downs.



The file will appear on the pages based on the type and description



Files are also easily located through the search function


Terms Store Management

Links on how to setup Terms Store navigation:

Enable managed Navigation in SharePoint online.

How to create and manage Terms in a term set.











Resetting Sharepoint expectations: the quest for business transformation – AIIM seminar

I attended “Resetting Sharepoint expectations seminar” at the Double Tree by Hilton in Arlington, Virginia. This was facilitated by AIIM with multiple vendors around the room showing the different options available with Sharepoint records management and great short sessions on how to use their products and services.

Started the day with a keynote by John Mancini, AIIM President, who discussed thinking of Sharepoint as a business platform. Comparing the data that companies save to hoarders was a great visual representation of most companies File shares / SharePoint.

Vendor presentations:

Session on how to leverage your sharepoint investment to meet your content management needs using a case study of middlesex savings bank. They showed how they built out a robust, reliable, compliant and scalable ECM solution resulting in significant cost savings, improved employee productivity, enhanced customer service, and better business intelligence.

Great session on integrating user tools with Sharepoint to improve content capture, paper scanning, and retrieval – thus empowering your end users.

How to achieve broad user adoption by avoiding layers of complexity while still adding governance and compliance. Mobilizing enterprise content.

CoSign by ARX – ARX
A major sticking point has been moving from signatures on paper to online digital signatures. There was a great session on what technology to use and how to use it to create a successful Sharepoint project. Office 365 CoSign connector can sign Word, Excel, and PDF documents from the sharepoint online user interface. Documents can be signed using CoSign Cloud or your own on-premise CoSign central appliance.
Business process apps with forms, workflow and data. Workflow apps that contextualize LOB information, social and collaboration to empower your users.

Leveraging Sharepoint as a tool for storing and collaborating on documents – how to unlock data from those documents to make business decisions.

HP Autonomy
Simplifying compliance and remove the records management burden from staff.


Links from SharePoint Admin Training

Some of the links above point to SharePoint 2007 content. The instructions and funtionality is still applicable to SharePoint 2010.
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New App for the Ipad or Iphone for SharePoint access from

I tested a New App for the Ipad or Iphone for SharePoint access from that is now available in iTunes under SharePoint Mobile Client. It is for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and it is under the category: Business.

I was looking for an easy way to access files in SharePoint from the Ipad and found the SharePoint mobile client, This app works with SharePoint Windows authentication or forms based authentication so I did not have to do anything to our environment or the Ipad to use the app other than enter the URL and then choose the authentication mode.  I was able to access our intranet through Windows authentication and then our website using a test member record with forms based authentication.

Security is an important factor in a corporate environment and does not store documents locally on the mobile device which is a big plus for me with the staff using more personal devices on our corporate intranet.

We have seen a rise in members using the Ipad to access our website which requires a new way of thinking on how members consume information that we are provide through SharePoint. External users (association members) can download the free lite version  to view files uploaded for them in our committee collaboration Form-based Authentication site.  This product will make it easy for any of our members that currently have iPhones and iPads to access reports and files.

I was able to access my SharePoint sites from my IPad quickly without looking at instructions or documentation.  The interface is clean and easy to understand.

The bar across the bottom allows access to the sites, files, updates, previous locations (History) and people.

harmonie picksharmonie

You can check-in, check-out and update documents. It also prompts user save changes to SharePoint.  You can also mark a document and library location as favorites using “breadcrumbs” and view a list of recent visited locations from the bar at the bottom.

I was able to open document types including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe documents using quick view or quick look.  I was also surprised that I was able to open documents using the SkyDrive app on my IPad  and download using SkyDrive or drop box.

I uploaded pictures and documents from my iPad to SharePoint just by clicking on forward arrow in drop box and the harmonie option came up and allowed me to save files. I saved  e-mail attachments to SharePoint from an open email without any issues.

I am going to be setting up my sites for my members so I am looking forward to the ability to view colleagues’ profiles and contact them via e-mail or phone. This will be a nice addition to our member directory by giving members and staff the ability to find people in SharePoint by entering department, skills, expertise and other keywords.

The other nice feature is that you can see profiles of the colleague who last modified a document and get updates when documents are modified so you can easily contact the person who modified the document with one click.

The app allows you to scroll through all the SharePoint content on the iPad  and quickly access any documents that you have permission in the document library. The interface for the documents allows you to quickly see all the information about a file including the modification date and user,  version, size and file type. Once you click on the file you can use the send button to email a link or the document or you can just copy the link to use in another document.  You can open the document to view with the quick viewers or use one of your preinstalled iPad apps that works with the different file types. The files can also be checked out if you want to prevent other users from changing the file while you are working on it.

I have been using the add in for Outlook which has allowed me to add meta data quickly to multiple files from outlook so I am looking forward to using this app on the iPad for the times that I am out of the office and need to quickly get to a file on the intranet or workspace.

I would definitely recommend downloading this app and trying it out.