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SharePointPower – free 2013 site to try

SharePointPower – Trying out the site so I can play with SharePoint 2013 – looks good so far and it is free.

Unleash the power of SharePoint
What you get:

Free unlimited SharePoint Site Collections and Subsites
Total 1GB Storage Space
Upto 10 Users to collaborate with
200 Alerts
SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Features
Available to you in 20 Languages
SharePoint Power brings you the ease of having your own SharePoint 2013 sites for the purpose of learning, training and showcasing your work to the world. It is hard to stand up your own SharePoint environment in order to get started on the platform. With SharePoint Power you get your own Tenant Administration site that gives you full control on your site collection administration and permission aspects.

They have Getting started guides for:
Beginners, Developers, Administrators, Power Users, Organizations and Evaluaters.

I am trying out the Power User first.

Pretty excited because I haven’t had time to look at 2013 yet and have to start thinking about budgeting for upgrade in 2014.

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New book ~ Motorola XOOM : The missing manual by Preston Gralla

I have been using the XOOM for a few months now and I really like the way it operates.  I own a Droid phone that I preordered almost two years ago so the XOOM was easy to start using.  My corporate email, calendar and contacts sync with exchange and I have vWorkspace from quest connected to terminal server so I can turn it into a microsoft desktop just by logging into the portal.

I put the book Motorola XOOM: The missing manual  by Preston Gralla   into my dropbox and imported it into Aldiko so I could read it on the XOOM and try out the Aldiko reader.  The book is organized into five sections: basics, social, books/media/games, productivity and advanced topics. The book replaces the thin booklet that comes with the XOOM with detailed instructions and pictures of how to use the device. This book helped me find out about features that I missed like where the SD card goes and reminded me that it has Google maps like my phone with turn by turn directions.

This book would be especially helpful for someone using an android device for the first time because it is very detailed with step by step instructions on every standard application.  I would recommend this book to anyone buying a XOOM.

I also have an Ipad2 but I have not used it for anything but watching movies since I got the XOOM. I am not sure yet why I prefer the XOOM but adding the Google plus app has made it even more interesting.  I would like to test a Microsoft tablet next to see how it compares to these devices. Hopefully Nokia will come out with a decent Microsoft phone on Verizon so I can try that next. My Droid phone has a cracked screen and my two year contract is up…

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Solutions for Small Business (SFSB) initiative

Solutions for Small Business (SFSB) initiative is gaining traction and awareness with cable companies and media/online outlets


Today, an advertorial appeared in the Oct. 16 issue of Business Weeks’ SmallBiz edition (link provided here):



And, here are some links to some other SF Small Business coverage:

Locally customized release:




Our national release:




Fox Business posting of press release:




And, here is a CNBC Video segment of our guest on the upcoming Nov. 17th SFSB Webcast, William Dunkelberg, who was interviewed on Kudlow Report (Oct 15, 2009)