Resetting Sharepoint expectations: the quest for business transformation – AIIM seminar

I attended “Resetting Sharepoint expectations seminar” at the Double Tree by Hilton in Arlington, Virginia. This was facilitated by AIIM with multiple vendors around the room showing the different options available with Sharepoint records management and great short sessions on how to use their products and services.

Started the day with a keynote by John Mancini, AIIM President, who discussed thinking of Sharepoint as a business platform. Comparing the data that companies save to hoarders was a great visual representation of most companies File shares / SharePoint.

Vendor presentations:

Session on how to leverage your sharepoint investment to meet your content management needs using a case study of middlesex savings bank. They showed how they built out a robust, reliable, compliant and scalable ECM solution resulting in significant cost savings, improved employee productivity, enhanced customer service, and better business intelligence.

Great session on integrating user tools with Sharepoint to improve content capture, paper scanning, and retrieval – thus empowering your end users.

How to achieve broad user adoption by avoiding layers of complexity while still adding governance and compliance. Mobilizing enterprise content.

CoSign by ARX – ARX
A major sticking point has been moving from signatures on paper to online digital signatures. There was a great session on what technology to use and how to use it to create a successful Sharepoint project. Office 365 CoSign connector can sign Word, Excel, and PDF documents from the sharepoint online user interface. Documents can be signed using CoSign Cloud or your own on-premise CoSign central appliance.
Business process apps with forms, workflow and data. Workflow apps that contextualize LOB information, social and collaboration to empower your users.

Leveraging Sharepoint as a tool for storing and collaborating on documents – how to unlock data from those documents to make business decisions.

HP Autonomy
Simplifying compliance and remove the records management burden from staff.


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