Sharepoint app for Sharepoint on an Android device

I tested a New App for the Android for SharePoint access from that is now available.

If you are looking for an easy way to access files in SharePoint from an Android device the mobile app for has just been released for the Android phone.  I tested it on my Motorola Droid Max by downloading and quickly connecting to my SharePoint site.

I did not have to do anything to our environment to use the app other than enter the URL and then log in.  I was able to access our intranet and our website.

Security is an important factor in a corporate environment and does not store documents locally on the mobile device which is a big plus for me with the staff using more personal devices on our corporate intranet.

We have seen a rise in members using the mobile devices to access our website which requires a new way of thinking on how members consume information that we are provide through SharePoint. External users (association members) can download the free lite version to view files uploaded for them in our committee site.  This product will make it easy for any of our members that currently have Android Devices to access reports and files.

I was able to access my SharePoint sites from my phone quickly without looking at instructions or documentation.  The interface is clean and easy to understand.

The navigation pops out from the sides similar to other apps which makes if very easy to access sites, files, updates, previous locations (History) and people.

You can check-in, check-out and update documents. It also prompts user save changes to SharePoint.

I was able to open document types including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe documents using quick view or quick look.

I uploaded pictures and documents from my droid to SharePoint just by clicking on forward arrow in drop box and the harmonie option came up and allowed me to save files. I saved  e-mail attachments to SharePoint from an open email without any issues.

The app allows you to scroll through all the SharePoint content   and quickly access any documents that you have permission in the document library. The interface for the documents allows you to quickly see all the information about a file including the modification date, user,  version, size and file type. Once you click on the file you can use the send button to email a link or the document or you can just copy the link to use in another document.  You can open the document to view with the quick viewers or use one of your preinstalled android  apps that works with the different file types. The files can also be checked out if you want to prevent other users from changing the file while you are working on it. You also have the option to share the document.

I would definitely recommend downloading this app and trying it out.


2 thoughts on “ app for Sharepoint on an Android device

  1. Thank you, MariAnne for reviewing Mobile! So glad to see that the product is simple to use. You may also want to check out the social and realtime collab features available in the Pro and Enterprise releases. Let me know if you want to see them! Jenna Dobkin ( Advocate)

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