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Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer–New reporting tool

The Microsoft Convergence conference has come to an end so it is time to go back to work and implement the new products that were demonstrated  in the sessions. The new Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer is the first product that I am going to install from the GP 2010 installation disk.  This will allow my end user to run their reports from the desktop without having to log into GP.  This will save time for the users who just want to run a quick report.

It requires SQL 2008, Dynamics GP 2010 R2 and Reporting services 2008 or later. You can pull from a GP database that is on SQL 2005 but the reporting services must be running on SQL 2008 or later. Lync turns on extra features but is not required for the installation.  If you want the map functionality then you need SQL 2008 R2.

To install Business Analyzer you get the installation Disk for GP2010R2 and look under additional products.  Select GP Business Analyzer.  You need to enter where your reporting services server is so if you don’t know you need to go to the Reporting services configuration manager and look under the web service URL – this is your reporting services server location.

After Business Analyzer is installed you go to Start – Programs – Business Analyzer and the configuration window opens. You select the role and it will add default reports.

The top window is the primary report area where your report is displayed. You can use any reports written in SQL reporting services.  you can resize the report areas, use charts, pull from multiple companies, upload photos or images.

The actions are on the left hand side where they are buttons for information, view and drill back.

This looks like it could provide a simple platform to deploy reports.  I am going to try to install on a terminal server and see if staff can log in and run reports remotely.

Should be fun to play with since you can run any reports in it – It can connect to any datasource so it is not just tied to GP.


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