Membership, Social Networking

Superswap at ASAE Communities of Practice

Notes from Communities of Practice: Success stories and words of wisdom

Three most important factors are age, geographic location and career stages when forming communities of practice.

What are some of the issues:
Younger members
Social media
Communication 1 way vs 2 way
Levels of engagement
Mailbox members
What about the type of communities should associations form?

Should relationship or Information come first?
Education vs promotion
Value of social media vs online
Emails vs in person vs online
Generational issues must be dealt with but you should segregate your community because they can all learn from each other.
Ideas: Lunchtime sessions. generated by participants or led by staff
Fun theory: They will go if they can learn but come back if they enjoyed it
Game theory
Form groups of people with common interests from different parts of country :
Have them sign confidentiality statements and then create clubs where they apply and get selected.

Attract younger academic rates, special memberships, case studies
Buddy system for new comers. Connect with people that are only 5-10 years in industry


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