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Super Swap at ASAE on Recruitment and Retention in a changing world

Notes from the October 25, 2011 Super swap on Recruitment and Retention in a changing world

Hit members where they are
Sometimes less is more
Make emails/communications indispensable
* content exclusive to communications
Recruitment can get lost when everyone is so busy
What do members want?
* put yourself in the members’ place
Value proposition
* Do you have one – or many?
Total your savings
* Show the value
Know what your members value
* Don’t pitch them on the wrong thing!
Package the association according to segments’ interests
* This will equip volunteers to sell their fellow members on the association
Produce metrics
* Quantify the dollar value (if you can)
Your value proposition can evolve
See the “can’t” and overcome the objection
* Package the association in a way it makes sense
* Show how your membership includes professional development value
If you have no data, at least quantify anecdotes
* Show how others have benefitted dollar-wise
Step back and re-focus
* Evaluate new ideas within what members want
* Make sure you’re doing what is desired
* Have a plan and evaluate within that light
Share the load with fellow staff
* Make new ideas implemented across the association
Share ideas outside your area
* Give ideas to leadership for their review/approval
* Implement an idea-sharing process for staff in your association
Some things need to be stopped
* You can’t pile new things on without stopping something
Get out of “9-1-1 mode”
* Make time for assessment at least 3-4 times a year
* Develop a process for planning
* Delegate planning to committees
Enlarge your audience for feedback solicitation
* Find out what’s working and what’s not
* Electronically communicate with stakeholders
Make convention video content available afterwards
* For members only? Or also for non-members?
* At a cost? Or for no cost?
Include online access to info in your engagement strategies
* use online content to build knowledge center
Know your members’ thresholds for cost & location of annual convention
“Retention” aka “Building a relationship”
* Enhance the experience with personal touch
* Handwritten notes are appealing (the old is new again)
Thank you’s go a long way
* Gifts to volunteers are appreciated
Access to your CEO is a big deal for your members
* Provide opportunities for contact with your CEO
Membership installment plans should be considered
* Lower the barrier for keeping members
* Listen to your members if they ask for it
* Be sensitive to your marketplace
Be personal in your communications
* Schedule first-year contacts (phone, note cards, etc.)
* Prioritize contact with higher dollar members
* Recognize higher value members
Get members engaged
* Be where they are
Recognize “Rainmakers”
* Give them trophies or some other prize
Ribbons are a big deal to members
* We all like to be recognized for our contributions
Involve members in reaching out to other members
* Don’t forget to thank them!
Promote social media connections
* Glean information from surveys
* Offer high-dollar prizes for their participation
Make new member welcome calls
* Make sure they know they are appreciated
* Find out what will work for your members
Think of students as future members
* Find out what will make them come to you
* Package the membership for students
* Ask students what they find of value
Let your members know you’re there for them
* if they lose their job
* when they have a life-changing event (as they define it)
Collect positive association stories from members and share them with other members
* Capture video vignettes from members at convention
* Have members’ pictures taken for the website
(Get photo booth sponsored)
(Send pictures to members with association branding)
Know what your association is good at!
Understand where the industry is going
* Have memberships match the industry
* Listen to the Board’s perspective regarding meeting industry needs
Show larger members why they would want to pay a larger share
* Publicize member dues rates: who pays what
* Provide them “a seat at the table”
* Quantify the value
Electronic memberships
* Quantify the differences between full & associate members
Trial memberships
* Make sure they are cultivated for full memberships


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