Membership, Social Networking

Recruitment and Retention in a changing world.

 Moderator: Talisa Thomas-Hall, President, The
Center for Effective Organizations and Marianne Woehrle, Cable and
Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

The ways we reach out to prospective members and
communicate with current members are changing.  Constituents demand return
on their membership investment more now than ever before.  They want
information and access at their finger tips.  There is more competition
for their time and attention.  Illustrating ROI in a way that is
digestible for candidates and long time members alike is an important piece to
increasing membership numbers.  Join us for this interactive Swap for
sharing ideas for adapting, enhancing, and changing membership models to thrive
in a changing world.  Come with your challenges and best practices.

Marianne Woehrle

Tweet: Recruitment and retention in a changing world #ASAEGW Oct 25th Super Swap.


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