More about the ASAE Superswap on July 20, 2011 at 10:00 am

Learn from other association professionals and share your knowledge about marketing, technology, and member engagement at the next Superswap brought to you by the ASAE of Greater Washington. This program mixes professional development, networking with peers, and great conversation in the association community.
Share some of the following details about the Superswap:
• The next Superswap takes place on July 20th, 10:00 AM, at the ASAE Conference Center, in downtown DC, on I Street.
• The July Superswap features sessions on marketing, technology and professional development.
• The Superswaps are designed to provide peer-learning, but also opportunities to see old friends and colleagues in the Association Community.
• Lunch is served between our morning and afternoon session.
• Superswaps are planned and sponsored by the ASAE of Greater Washington.

How to Structure, Mobilize and Motivate Volunteers to Maximize Member Engagement and Retention
Laurie Kulikosky, CAE is currently director of strategic development at the American Society of Transplant Surgeons. She was formerly senior manager, membership development at the Consumer Electronics Association. She went to Uva and currently serves on the ASAE Membership Section Council.
Kevin Whorton is a former association exec responsible for working with volunteers at NAHB and ASHP, and has been a volunteer and has chaired special interest groups, conferences, fundraising and membership for ASAE, DMANF, and HomeAid NYC.
Session Description:
In every association, our work as staff is supplemented by another, much larger and fragmented workforce—those who volunteer to help us.
How can we work with this amorphous blob to maximize their efficiency in helping us—and to engage them properly to build relationships that will enhance their careers and strengthen member-staff relationships?
In this discussion we’ll work with case studies & examples—yours and ours—and leverage some of the lessons of Decision to Volunteer and other lessons from the association and not-for-profit communities.
You’ll leave with at least five tips on how to better work with your volunteers for the good of the order.


Virtual? Face to Face? Hybrid? What is the education model of the future?
Carol Hamilton, Senior Director, Training Services, AFSA: Association of International
Greg Ruby, holds five professional industry certifications: Certified Meeting
Professional (CMP), Certified in Exhibitions Managment (CEM), Certified Association
Sales Executive (CASE), Certified in Meetings Management (CMM),and Certified
Tourism Ambassador (CTA). In addition to belonging to IAEE, Greg is a member of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) and the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA).
Greg currently serves as a member of IAEE’s Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee, as well as serving on PCMA’s Social Media Task Force. Greg also volunteers his time for the Convention Industry Council (CIC), helping to review CMP applicants and helping draft “green” standards for meeting venues as part of their APEX Green Meetings & Events Practices Panel.
Session Description:
As demographics and budgets change, professional development delivered by Associations is undergoing a transformation. With this trend, decision-makers will need to answer some key questions about the future of professional development. What will be the desire to meet face to face versus virtually? How will hybrid meetings (a blend of face to face and virtual) be used to engage different audiences? Join your colleagues to explore options and learn from success what works and what the future may hold for different methods of education and professional development delivery.


Attendee Marketing: How do we get butts in seats?


Dave Martin, Vice President – Marketing & Content, Electronic Retailing Association

Scott Oser, Scott Oser Associates

Session Description:

Getting your target audience to attend your meetings is not as easy as it once was. Come share your marketing struggles and successes to butts in seats.


Cultivating Win-Win Relationships with Your Volunteers


Cathy Smalley Pales,President, Powerful Purpose Leadership, LLC.

Session Description:

Association members become volunteers for a variety of reason, including the fulfillment of personal and professional needs. Your association also has needs to be addressed. How well are your association’s needs and the needs of volunteers aligned? Come to this session prepared to share and hear success stories as well as learning practical strategies for needs alignment.


Tales from the Bleeding Edge: When Should You Upgrade Technology?


Marianne Woehrle, Director of Information and Technology at CTAM

James Marquis, ClassFive

Session Description:

Technology upgrades can be a challenge, and sometimes produce unintended consequences. Join us for a conversation about things that might affect your decision to upgrade. What advice would you give others planning to update their CMS, Association Management System or Website?


Fad or Fantastic? Exploring the Merits of New Online Tools…

Session Description:

With so much hype about new tools and technologies circling the globe every day, it can be a challenge to separate “fad” from “fantastic.” Join us for a conversation about technology fads. Be prepared with a couple of favorite “fads” or “fantastics” and hear about others from your Association colleagues.


David Hollender , Chief Online Strategist, Mind Sky



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