ASAE Superswap will be on April 13th, 10:00 AM, at the ASAE Conference Center, in downtown DC, on I Street

ASAE Superswap
Association professionals have an opportunity to learn from peers
and share knowledge about marketing, technology, member engagement and other
topics at the next Superswap brought to you by the ASAE of Greater Washington. This program mixes professional development, networking with peers, and great conversation in the association community.

Three tracks
Marketing, Technology and Member engagement.
(Networking lunch is served between the morning and afternoon session)

Online Marketing – Which Channels are Most Viable?
Moderated by: Ingrid Thomas, Marketing/Communications Manager at International
Assn of Dental Research

1)Which channels have worked best for you? (email blast, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Private Online Communities, etc)
2)How many fans/friends/followers do you need for your social media outreach to succeed?
3)How did you make the decision to start using Facebook, Twitter, Listservs or other online communication channels?
4)What barriers have you faced in launching social media campaigns in your organization? (acceptance by members, acceptance by management, lack of expertise for planning/execution, need for useful metrics, etc)

Social Media 3.0 (How Data is Helping us Figure Out What Comes Next)
Moderated by: Maggie McGary, Online Community & Social Media Manager, ASHA
Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation.

1)What is Social Media 3.0?
2)What data points do you use to measure the success of your activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks?
3)What options are available for measuring social media outcomes?
4)Who should be responsible for measuring the impact of social media in an

Creating a Great Experience for Members Online
Moderated by: Dina M. Lewis, CAE, President, Distilled Logic LLC

1)How is a Great Online Experience form members different from a Great Offline or In-Person Experience?
2)How Do You Know You Are Providing a Great Online Experience for Members?
3)How Can You Provide a Great Online Experience When Using Tools (like Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools) over which you have little control?

Creating a Welcoming Climate for Members
Moderated by: Celena T. NuQuay, Senior Director, Member Relations & Leadership
Services, NAFSA: Association of International Educators

1)What are the elements/characteristics of a “Welcoming” Climate for members?
2)What role do individual association staff members have in creating a welcoming climate?
3)What kinds of organizational policies/procedures help/harm maintenance of a Welcoming Climate?

Hey, Marketing is Not My Job! (Getting All Organization Staff to Promote its Value)
Moderated by: Joyce R. O’Brien, Dir of Membership Development, APhA.

1)How do you develop a collaborative environment to encourage staff to participate in marketing activities?
2)How do you communicate specific marketing tools, techniques and opportunities to staff in all departments?
3)How do you reward staff organization-wide for helping to market the organization – given their individual roles and responsibilities?

Greatest Member Engagement Stories
Talisa Thomas-Hall, President, The Center for Effective Organizations (The CEO)

1) What was your organization’s most engaging activity ever?
2) What made you decide to join ASAE, or another organization?
3) How is engaging members of a trade associations different than engaging members of a professional organization?


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