Comcast High Speed Business Class Internet

Running on our new Comcast 100mps internet at our new office location – amazing speed.  I just downloaded “Introducing Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2” from the Microsoft learning site 7MB file in less than 1 sec.

This is a free SQL Server 2008 R2 e-book.  http://bit.ly/a4qPMz

Hard to believe how much the internet speed has changed in the last two years.  The cost has really come down so we can now look at video conferencing, streaming video.

We have already moved all our production server off to a hosting company which is making the move to a new location very easy.  The moving company is going to bring boxes for each office where we will put the computer and a sleeve for the keyboard and video monitor. When we get to the new location each office will have there equipment and other things in boxes ready to unpack and plug in.  Should make move in day easy.



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