Windows 7, IE9 and Office 2010

I just installed Windows 7 on an old Optiplex GX620 then I installed Office 2010 Professional and downloaded IE9 and Windows Live and ran all updates.  I was able to complete everything in under an hour.  I still remember the day that I was installing Windows 95 with multiple floppy disks – It is no fun to sit and wait for each floppy to read and then put in the next disk. The worst part was that when I put in disk 17  I found out it had been infected with the New York City bomber virus (this was a new thing back then).  I had to clean the floppy and then start all over. Took me two days to install Windows.

I think I am about ready to upgrade my company to “Office 2010” – It has some amazing additions that will help the staff with collaboration.  I plan on upgrading SharePoint to 2010 in January which will make it easier to update the website pages and add new functionality to our website and intranet.

I am now testing SharePoint Workspace to see if we can deploy it to the staff.  I think it could solve some of the issues we have with the remote workers using SharePoint with slow or inconsistent data connections at their homes.

I am going to a presentation of Microsoft “Lync” next week to see how it will fit into future plans. They claim is is a single platform that integrates the various modes of communication. Check out the  Microsoft Lync Blog – RTM for some information on the platform. 


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