Live Beta test – Testing remote access from web using devices–> remote

I am using an ASUS Eee PC netbook with a Verizon mifi 2200 and connecting to  my desktop at work using live sync.

I am writing this on my work desktop using Live writer while I am sitting in a truck driving back from Richmond (I am not driving in case anyone is wondering).  My mifi started to die so I just plugged it into a TARGUS power adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter.  The netbook and mifi card are so small I can use them anywhere and the battery life is great.  I used the mifi card for 4 hours before I needed to charge it and I don’t think it was fully charged when I started using it.

I have had some minor issues with the signal dropping out since we are driving but only a few times.  So far I am impressed with the sync and I am glad that I went ahead and switched over from Live Mesh.  My only issue is that my old 280 that I still have at home will not be able to sync anymore because it is still on XP and I have software on it that will not run on Window’s 7 so I will have to remote to it some other way.

I have had sync disconnect a few times and not be able to reconnect – I sent the report to Microsoft with the hyperlink which sends them a log file.  I was able to reconnect after resetting the mifi.


Almost home so that is enough testing for today.


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