Windows Live Beta Day two remote access with Live Sync

Day two with the new Live Beta.  I was able to get my desktop at work to sync with a laptop from my home and I like the new interface that the remote access is using.  The view box with the scroll bar is a really nice feature which allows you to change the size of the desktop viewing screen just by moving the scroll bar.  The interface is clean and the box to the left that took up screen space in live mesh is gone.

I am writing this through the Live writer beta on my desktop at work using the remote access from my laptop at home.  It is working just like I was sitting at my desk at work same speed and the screen resolution is great.

The live writer beta allows me to write on my desktop and check everything then post a draft to the live blog or publish from my desktop when I am done.  The editing features are easy to use since I use word at work and it has a similar interface.

I synced my folder from my desktop after I got it down to 1.5G and it synced fine to the live site.  I am going to try syncing a larger file from my desktop to laptop and see how long it takes.

The new Live Movie maker beta is fun to use but it did crash on me twice while I was running the small movie that I created.

I was able to get the facebook connection on my laptop to work with messenger but still having issues with my desktop – it crashes when I try to start messenger.


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