Microsoft Live Beta testing

I just downloaded the Microsoft Live Beta and let it remove my Live Mesh and replace it with Live Sync.  I am going to miss live mesh because I could sync my folder to live mesh and I have been using it for over a year now.  The 2 G limit is a pain but since I can sync the devices I think I can work around this and only save important data to the folder in the cloud.  This means that I am going to have to move data from my blue folder up to the sky drive because I used the live mesh as a back up for my files.

I tried to install the facebook connector in Live messenger but got and error and now messenger crashes every time I try to launch it.  May have to do a uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixes it.

This is just the beginning of the testing. I will write more after I see if I can remote to my devices through this new interface.  Last night I was not able to remote to my work computer because I didn’t know that I had to turn it on from live sync on my work computer.

I finally broke down and read the instructions because I couldn’t figure out how the remote access worked.  Didn’t know that I had to click on remote on the device screen because it was very faint on my laptop.  I hate to read directions Smile


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