Windows Phone 7 at the WPC2010 in DC

Today I finally got to see a prototype of the new Windows phone 7 and a demo of some of the new features. 
Demo showed Four hubs. There is a Start screen that you can customize.  There is a  people hub that integrates w Facebook and linkedin.
You can have multiple exchange accounts on windows 7 phone. You can act on multiple emails at the same time – flagging and then filter flags and priority in views.
Shows calendar conflicts and allows you to accept or modify can show multiple calendars.
Attachment PowerPoint opens in landscape in slideshow. You can see slides and modify them.
One note can sync with sky drive automatically. You can sync desktop one note to sky drive.
Documents that you save to windows 7 phone and can be edited. Excel, PowerPoint and word. Can also sync to Sharepoint workspace mobile
Windows phone 7 can open sharepoint docs from a link in an email or through the sharepoint mobile workspace. It Shows a view of metadata for the file with a table of contents so you can see what is in the file without downloading it. You can go in edit the document and see comments others made and create your own comments that save back to the document in sharepoint.


I can see this as a very useful tool for staff with the ability to access and modify documents.


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