Social Networking

How to hold a Twitter party for your Association

We had a twitter party today where we had the members follow a hashtag. Here are the instructions that we sent out to follow the party. 


Join the (companyname) Twitter Party
Take tweeting to a whole new level.  Get insider info and earn gift cards and prizes on (date and time).  #(companyname)


First, you should log-in to Twitter using your account info and then go to the company’s Twitter page at the link below.


Then, click on #(companyname) in any of the recent tweets.  This will take you to a new page that shows all tweets (from (companyname)) or anyone else) that uses #(companyname) at the end of it.  This is the page that you will stay on for the party.  All the tweets have the #(companyname) at the end of them so they will appear on this page.  While this updates automatically to this page, there is a slight delay.  To view the tweets immediately throughout the party, please “refresh” your Internet often and it will immediately show you the new tweets.


You can also ask questions or add comments for everyone in the party to see.  When doing this, simply tweet your comment on your home page and at the end type “#(companyname)”.  This will automatically include your tweet on the (companyname) page for followers, (companyname) and the speakers to read.







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