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Are we prepared for the possible flu epidemic this fall?
"Companies need to start preparing for soaring absentee rates before the peak of the virus hits … Swine flu can vary in seriousness and, in a number of cases, particularly towards the end of the illness, sufferers will be able to work although, due to being contagious, may still not be able to return to the workplace, extending their absence. "

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Employers will need to amend their work at home policies this fall to help prevent the spread of swine flu.

People responsible for technology in companies should prepare for a possible flu epidemic by implementing technology to allow employees to work from home.

Concentrating on disaster recovery and remote access to increase productivity was a priority last year but it turns out that the improvements that we made to our systems prepared us to handle staff working at home if they are not feeling well.  Viruses can spread at the beginning of the infection when employees will try to goto work even if they are not feeling that bad. Companies can help stop the spread of sickness by requesting that employees stay home if they are sick and allowing the employee to work at home if they are well enough and have work that can be completed at home. 

Implementing remote email access and terminal server can allow the staff to access documents remotely.  Working towards becoming a paperless company by scanning all documents to have them available electronically helps staff working from home. They can easily access invoices or other scanned documents through Terminal server.

Hopefully we will not need to implement the stay home policy but it is good to know that we are ready for any emergency that may arise.


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