Social Networking

Association 3.0 – Random Thoughts to save

How do associations handle Membership in a web enabled world?

How can you move the association towards the front of the members mind?

What does it mean to be a member?

What do they want?

Be lightweight –  granular – mobile – extraordinary

Members have many ways to communicate and we need to facilitate this to survive

Need to connect with all members not just younger or older

Association message on mobile phone

Accurate mobile and web based member directories

Every interaction that takes place in an association is an exchange of social capital

You need to be lightweight – An association should look for innovative ideas that will enlighten

the members and help them collaborate with one another.

You can build Social Capital through Member driven conversations which creates value

It is about us but it needs to be about them

Social technologies are a disruptive challenge to traditional leadership

Leaders need to interact with all content. Podcasts/videos/blogs

Vatican has iphone app for prayer and bloggers are at the white house

How can associations take advantage of this? 

Let a network of social solvers evolve and nurture reciprocity

Openness – Ideas w/ merit can come up and get recognized

Failure is a part of the process



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