#ideas09 – ASAE Great Ideas Conference Twitterstream

jphillmar: @ahissrich Thanks to all who let us who couldn’t be there pick up some get data
maggielmcg: @telesaur That was actually from the session–but I agree that it’s an awesome idea.
stevedrake: had 8 in my cause marketing session … tough presenting in the last time block of the day. Good questions.
pinnovation: This is a special shout-out to McLovin, a.k.a. @jamienotter for being a totally rad 80s music phreak…tx McLovin 4 a gr8 session!
ahissrich: Thanks to all of those who used twitter to engage each other as well as those who weren’t able to attend
jkhewett: Thanks for all of your tweets! They were very much appreciated from Huntington WV. Hopefully next time I will be there in person
peggyhoffman: 1 critical step is creating the shared vocabulary for volunteerism – aka 4 hot buttons magnetic
peggyhoffman: can turn this into a planning tool – game to plan magnetic
smartbrief: How many cookies have you baked for your members today?
cardcat: I am sad I missed the 80s presentation at
atlbizconsult: volunteering where the rich play is a great way 2 make connections w/ ppl spending $. ballet, arts, etc
elizabethb: @maggielmcg It was so nice to meet you at ! I look forward to seeing you at future events!
peggyhoffman: give volunteers permission & guidance to attend the event if not actively working … magnetic
peggyhoffman: how do you welcome event volunteers? magnetic
ewengel: @deirdrereid not under name Mary McGary – anyone else know if she’s on twitter?
sterlingraphael: Why can Monte Blanc charge 200k for a pen? Because they’re not int he flower business (they’re ine marriage extention business)
ewengel: Mary is basically chief community officer for ASHA – how progressive! wOOt!
smartbrief: Follow + adjust to the life cycle of a member — parent, adviser, empower-er, legacymaker
peggyhoffman: perception is reality when it comes to making an investment of time … what’s your member’s perception? make it magnetic
ljunker: Key to customer experience is bridging gap between our perspective as producers and their experience as consumers.
ewengel: @MissLynn13 yep – the whole of @peggyhoffman meme was to get people talking about microvolunteering (I think)
misslynn13: @ewengel I see a lot of that in the responses to @peggyhoffman ‘s Volunteerism meme.
ljunker: If your members aren’t proud to be your members, you’re not delivering true value to them.
sterlingraphael: @SmartBrief Think you’re in the same session. Do you have a minute to chat after this session about SmartBrief?
ljunker: Lior: Your members want to talk to staff who love what they do.
ewengel: ah, the revenue question….
jeffhurt: @ewengel ive bn loosely following 2day. Will read all posts 2nite. Have several unexpected deadlines 2day. Thnx 4 sharing.
peggyhoffman: opportunity – perception – communication – experience — building internal marketing ability make it magnetic
eicdocket: @SmartBrief that’s because too many of them don’t have other revenue streams
stevenjs: Some assoc are even using second life to replace mtgs
peggyhoffman: make it magnetic keep going back to start!
peggyhoffman: embracing members to volunteers – game time! make it magnetic
smartbrief: Top problem of all orgs: The price we charge vs the value we deliver do not seem to synch
peggyhoffman: music lesson – learn science … read pop mags too like Pop Science, Pop Mechanics
peggyhoffman: @ewengel playlist lesson learn about generations – listen to their music!
stevenjs: Certificate program vs certification? What’s the diff?
peggyhoffman: 50 ideas twitter beep was kathy’s big take
bobprah: RT @dexin Cloud computing, SaaS and SOA – the universal service network ,,Synergy,
jkhewett: THANKS to all who tweeted the last set of Labs … Very helpful on my end and VERY MUCH appreciated
stevedrake: about to start my cause marketing presentation; ? is whether anyone is left to attend?
ewengel: @jkhewett volunteering that doesn’t require a lifelong commitment – vol has 15 minutes – what can I do with that?
smartbrief: Jason suggests ppl read The Innovators Dilemma — a book Smartbrief hearts
jkhewett: @ewengel can you expand on Mico-volunteering??
ljunker: : Audience: I think it’s evolving, but my group can’t go from where we are now to this completely different model.
ahissrich: Start from a position of trust says Maddie in social media lab
ahissrich: Scott Steen hits it on the head-giving up of control is the key issue; it’s not easy, but it is important in this space
smartbrief: A lot of the ?s are about having donors/fundraisers as members + how that impacts the “perceived value” of the assn
toellis1: Make a love connection with your Gen X and Y members by asking them to engage and supporting their caraar.
jkhewett: @ljunker If they are not paying dues .. how is the assn funded?
toellis1: You have 60 days to make a positive impression on new young members to positively impact renewal.
ewengel: “distrust tax” – things happen slower and cost more money if there’s no trust
ahissrich: I love this-Andy Steggles says “think social”
rrich: Share information beyond what feels comfortable. Openness -) trust -) speed -) impact
ljunker: : Comment from person at my table: Core members are really a kind of fundraising more than a membership class.
ewengel: transparency –> trust –> speed, which is necessary to shape future
ljunker: : Jason: let people self-associate based on the love of what they do.
ewengel: playlist 3 – be global – be of world, not just in it
rrich: @skneebone yes, and we’re on the same team.
ljunker: Lori: Impt to communicate the value of membership, the way benefits more than compensate for dues
sterlingraphael: @ahissrich How can you organize and keep persistent content and conversations during the event?
ljunker: Lori: Impt to bring in members related to core mission of assn, to keep focus on mission.
ahissrich: Q/A open in social media lab. Any qs from folks in twitter for Scott, Maddie, Andy or Randi ?
ewengel: @Jeffhurt unsession by the pool Sun – good idea sharing, no computers due to risk of water damage
jkhewett: @lindydreyer Tiered in what way?
heleeene: Mickie’s certification course: I think I Might be understanding!
smartbrief: Assn of Fundraising Profs: 30k members + seeing steady growthm why? Tiered dues system, diff categories of members
ahissrich: Scott S. tells great story of using social media in a smart way to increase revenue
rrich: The answers;embrace common purpose. Need to make hard choices and innovate for benefit of all
lindydreyer: If you start from scratch, would you build your organization to be the same as it is now? In the same way?
ewengel: leaders make hard choices and pursue huge opportunities
smartbrief: IGDA has 15k paying members and 125k non — lots of power from both sectors
smartbrief: But dues-paying members + his non dues paying members are treated the same; all of their web content is open to everyone
lindydreyer: Much larger audience is different, changes what we do, adds value to the organization on many levels.
ewengel: answers about to be revealed…
ahissrich: Your goal isn’t to start a blog, it might be to recruit younger members, etc. Maddie from soc med lab
ahissrich: Maddie’s up in social media lab
ljunker: Jason: We’re so optimized for the dues paying model that we’re blind to environmental shifts around us.
ljunker: @toellis1 I’d love to know the info behind that 2018 date–I’ve heard it before but never found where it comes from.
ljunker: Jason: Assns are trapped in the entrenched player’s dilemma: So entrenched in how we do things it’s hard for us to change.
ahissrich: Andy’s talking about the value of integrating traditional AMSs with social networking, leveraging the unique assets of assns
jkhewett: @toellis1 WHY?? What is the rational beyond the statement that assns will be dead?
smartbrief: Also: some of the session descriptions don’t reflect the actual content of the session itself — leads to walkouts/frustration
ljunker: @jkhewett Definitely! I’ll post as we go.
smartbrief: Nearly 100% of the room thinks that “membership is evolving”
lindydreyer: In 8 years, dues as a percentage of revenue has stayed static.
smartbrief: At session: Is membership dead? Tougher to get ppl inside after lunch it seems – about 20 in room
jphillmar: @maddiegrant why nixed?
maddiegrant: NEED A TWITTER MONITOR in soc med lab. Anyone interested?
csalomonlee: @maggielmcg you should check out @dshiao and his blog as he writes about his experience on doing that exactly
jeffhurt: RT @stevenjs Your members are not your customers they are your product. [gr8 advice for nonprofit associations]
randisumner: steggles reminds us all to use google.com/alerts to monitor the assn brand
desabol: @lindydreyer great statement. I think “we = assns” should provide the medium. Let the members take care of the rest.
maddiegrant: RT @toellis1 : Some of these social media ideas are so simple. Why is my org having so much trouble getting started? – Yep yep
smartbrief: Influence: if you can figure out who is a leader, a starter, a mobilizer — evangelists — you can tap into their power
bobprah: Computing” seen as Synergistic #AmazonEC2 EC2 , open source, SaaS, Synergy,
smartbrief: Think socially when you are looking at all of your org’s sectors (comm, etc) – educate members as part of outreach, engage them
smartbrief: He is advocating open and closed networks — depending on the purpose.
katadhin: Getting some great ideas from all the tweets
stevenjs: Get your biggest critics be part of the process
smartbrief: Other big concern — no clear goals! Hence why everyone is here to learn about strategy
pinnovation: @sterlingraphael excellent…can u arrive at Palms South about 12:15 pm for rehearsal?
smartbrief: Discussion/questions already begun vs presentation — have heard a lot of the social media sessions go this way — a good thing?
smartbrief: Looks like about 40 ppl in the room — nearly 50% of respondants are using social media tools every few hours!
pinnovation: @pattidigh travel safely and have fun!
smartbrief: Huge bummer: “Making Communications Audit Work” session canceled — led by SB partner AABB. We hope all is well
pinnovation: hey twitterpals, if ur not otherwise committed, join McLovin & me 4 “Leadership Lessons from 80s Music” @ 12:30 pm in Palms South!
pinnovation: @pattidigh no matter the outcome in nyc, you’ve already won…best of luck!
cubanalaf: What would you do if you only had 37 days to live? Feeling very inspired after @pattidigh ‘s session.
rrich: It’s too easy to forget that everyone has the shared human experience to connect with
peggyhoffman: theme of the conference – redefine
jamienotter: @pattidigh made me cry. Again.
peggyhoffman: I had no childhood game – aaaaahhhhgggg
randisumner: trust yourself – calculate the risks and rock the boat
peggyhoffman: lesson to me is listen to my kids (okay a little more) be open to all voices
smartbrief: “Love more” — yourself and others! Knowing that there are rules against this … But consider “erring on the side of the hug”
peggyhoffman: IEEE stories from members on videos from all around
ahissrich: A few pics from this morning’s session added and more on the way
realtimetrends: – is now the #10 trend on twitter. Follow here: – twIRC Channel:
maddiegrant: crowdsourcing >>> barnraising >>> volunteerism >>> citizens. Hmmm….
jkhewett: RT @peggyhoffman Patti’s rule to put your own mask on 1st focuses us on self development
peggyhoffman: Patti’s rule to put your own mask on 1st focuses us on self development
ahissrich: Are we making decisions that are circumstance driven vs value driven? Patti Digh general session
smartbrief: We complain about society + the world (and our orgs) as if we are just visitors here — “we need to be part of the change”
randisumner: there is always always always time for toast! Rec kids (4-7yrs) “wow” books that celebrate toast anytime => mercy watson series
rrich: I’d like to celebrate the big bad wolves. See and enjoy the curves.
randisumner: had a “wow” moment yesterday when I saw a big lizard and a colorful butterfly on the walk to the Legends Ballroom
ahissrich: Patti asks “how do I hold space for other people” .
stevenjs: Simple problems, complicated problems, complex problems learn to identify what is which
ahissrich: We treat complex problems (like finding meaning) as complicated problems (like a launching a rocket)
smartbrief: 3 types of problems: simple; complicated (but ok if we have the rght ppl) and complex, which we often treat like complicated
ahissrich: Three types of problems simple, complicated, and copmlex from Patti Digh general session
ljunker: I wonder how different the story you tell yourself is from the story others see in you.
jkhewett: From Patti’s book – Always rent the red convertible – here’s mine! I did just that last year in SLC
ahissrich: We are story driven animals-so what’s the story we’re telling? Patti Digh general session
ahissrich: @jamienotter me too!
ahissrich: Patti Digh says its the little things that are important
rrich: Good morning Great Ideas! Let’s tweet.
peggyhoffman: @lindydreyer is it in the handouts – the audit?
maddiegrant: officially missing @cardcat , @kikilitalien , @sgiarde , @deirdrereid , @bkmcae and all our peeps back at the ranch.
peggyhoffman: so busy enjoying session & people didn’t twitter yesterday afternoon … sign of great mtg
jamienotter: breakfast with Bob Van Hook today. Who else thinks Bob should start a blog?
cubanalaf: Last day of . I had so much fun last night with family & friends: a little bit of South Beach and even an impromptu soccer game.
pinnovation: seems like has gone quiet in favor of #oscars
mickierops: At Champions. Holding seats outside. Prime TV view.
sterlingraphael: @maddiegrant whatever you are!
maddiegrant: What’s everyone up to tonight?
ahissrich: Wanted to make sure that folks saw that the Dan Roam general session was posted online Enjoy!
randisumner: On the printing station: dell power plugs & five bars on the wifi – very cool!
randisumner: has met one of the resort cats and kittens both aptly named cat – any lessons there. I got three. 😉
consciousgovern: @pinnovation Definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over the same way and expecting a different result
ljunker: Connect your members who are great at building community with others who have potential but aren’t there yet.
smartbrief: Does your members-only page help you recruit? Is there a call to join?
jkhewett: Take home for today: @SmartBrief Again — release control! Empower your members!
jkhewett: and … still stuck on email use!
ljunker: The myth of control is coming up in the discussion on community building in components. Hearing about this a lot today.
smartbrief: One org reports starting a linkedin group resulted in 3700 member updates in a week (total size 85k)
jkhewett: @SmartBrief I think for many it is too early to tell! I’m glad our members read our EMAIL!
smartbrief: How has linkedin, twitter + facebook changed the game? They have impacted what it MEANS to join.
jkhewett: @Jeffhurt What can I say … I work with medical educators 🙂
jkhewett: RT @lindydreyer : @ljunker I usually just ask @maddiegrant what she thinks. LOL TOO FUNNY 🙂
smartbrief: @Jeffhurt its their daily, e-newsletter — we create RSS feeds for all partners; auto update daily + drives subscriptions
jeffhurt: RT @ljunker Absence sumthing of value 2 accomplish, [assoc membs] turn 2 minutia 4 something 2 do. Give them work of value
ljunker: In absence of something of value to accomplish, groups can turn to minutia just to have something to do. Give them work of value.
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief Is CTAM SmartBrief news feed online or something yr Cing onsite
ljunker: Frustration with components that spend most of their time on elections and awards …
lindydreyer: @jeffhurt Talking about SEO – I’m really comfortable with SEO, so I guess I zoned out a couple minutes. All good stuff. I approve.
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief re Google, and Twitter Search is for real-time, current search topics.
cliffallen: @jkhewett @lindydreyer I use a personalized URL for each member to see non- confidential content “behind the wall” w/o loging in
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief @jkhewett Yet, members are looking 4 free content, not ed/content they have 2 pay 4. Content should be member benefit
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief Can u expound on decision made to go behind he wall? I didn’t understand.
smartbrief: 58% said their orgs don’t have a content strategy for behind-the-wall materials
smartbrief: Biggest issue? (Sample size of around 40) majority say increasing value of membership + staff time/resources
lindydreyer: @jkhewett – Exactly. If they’re not going to bother logging in to see it, it must not be valuable enough to protect. Thoughts?
jkhewett: I find that many members DON’T log in as they would rather just email me for info. Keep track of login info is problem
smartbrief: Social networking has been part of all 6 sessions I’ve attended tho only central focus for 2 – what a shift
jkhewett: RT @jsfrankel you’re never going to be able to turn off the info stream so you might as well embrace it.
ljunker: Sharon Kneebone, Cynthia D’Amour starting component session: Looking at how components can build community for assns
smartbrief: In session Hitting the member wall — membership + marketing. Sitting next to attendee from SB partner NAMIC
lindydreyer: Ready to hit the member wall. Be gentle with us, @peterhutchins and @ahissrich .
jsfrankel: you’re never going to be able to turn off the info stream so you might as well embrace it.
jeffhurt: @jkhewett : @SmartBrief wht cn we do 2 make this easier? giv small gems/chunks info via mobile device 4 lrng on go i.e. twttr
twendly: Current Top 10 trends: #oscars, #barcampmiami, #blackout, #gabl, #pcto09, , Cairo, Mardi Gras, Coraline, Academy Awards
pinnovation: @pattidigh my vacation home is there…btw, the cockscomb is the jester hat, in case anyone is curious.
pinnovation: @pattidigh no question there are problems to solve, but they can’t be solved @ the same level of thinking…Einstein knew his stuff
pinnovation: @rrich no question that’s true…my concern is that we haven’t raise the level of the conversation to really reflect new realities.
pattidigh: @pinnovation the seeing jester lives outside the village so can see more clearly. most orgs minimize ppl at the edges to be safer.
peggyhoffman: sessions out and lots of chatter – hearing hints of great ideas
pinnovation: is there something in the dna of our orgs that makes it okay for us to expect so little of our most senior leaders?
jeffhurt: 2 Ideas for next Tweet-up by @melaclaro
lindydreyer: RT @FrankFortin – Using Bloglines to follow . Definitely a time saver. – We miss you, Frank!
peggyhoffman: @lindydreyer biggest take-away from the haystack?
smartbrief: @jkhewett or offer part of the sessions as live webcasts?
frankfortin: Using Bloglines to follow . Definitely a time saver.
pinnovation: @maddiegrant @jamienotter or anyone at the pool tell tom to put his shirt back on…no one needs to see that. :>)
lindydreyer: Just chatting with @jtcobb about our PD-2.0 session for ASAE Annual in Toronto. Thinking ahead is a good thing. Too. Many. Ideas.
ljunker: CEO session: Using language modelled on the lang. members use in their day jobs can help increase understanding, results.
sebriscoe: Bad economy idea: use hotel attrition to offer scholarships; work with chapters to offset costs.
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief Any ?s or thoughts on diff of trade assoc vs profess assoc? Good info yet mostly towards individual members
smartbrief: Majority of the room’s assn profs (50+) think that they have a role to play in providing resources to cope w economic downturn
smartbrief: How assns are helping members stay competitive: diff dues scales, help with those out of work — in some cases waving dues
lindydreyer: Heard in the Needle in the Haystack session-need to start moving the needle to a new model, because the age old model is broken.
jeffhurt: RT @SmartBrief [Assoc] Membs C their assn as bing impt 4 networking during downturn not seeing value in assoc helping them 2 cope
jeffhurt: @pinnovation Easier said than done if they won’t listen at all
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smartbrief: Majority of respondents in health care, followed by engineering — at least 5 groups in each major category
smartbrief: Lower probability of doing multiple-day training, events this yr; 30-40% saying less likely
maddiegrant: Having a deep convo re monetizing event conversations for non-attendees.
smartbrief: @jkhewett the entitlement factor w Gen Y, I think. wish I could see these slides more clearly but I’m anxious to see the whitepaper
jeffhurt: @ljunker How do you get Assoc CEOs 2 listen & stop talking, or 2 consider other’s perspectives?
smartbrief: Members see their assn as still being imp for networking during the downturn, but not seeing the value in assns helping them 2 cope
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pinnovation: RT maddiegrant yes i know, but it’s harder 2 do from my bb &i didn’t want their gift of attention 2 go unacknowledged for 2 long.
ljunker: New CEOs should find out why they were chosen (and others weren’t); that helps you understand where board wants to take org.
mickierops: Think of speakers as content contributors to your field’s body of knowledge.
jeffhurt: @pdonahoo What session are you taking?
smartbrief: At session on value of assns in challenging economic times; ow, our ears (sound tech issues)
jsfrankel: this s a study of people who belong to associations – not association professionals
jamienotter: @maddiegrant Want to be at the pool, but will do session and work instead. 😦 Maybe I can finish work and get down there.
janpaultenwolde: @kikilitalien Before I log off. Thanks!
jkhewett: Welcome @janpaultenwolde ! The Netherlands are one of my favorite places to be! Three more weeks and I will be there again
greatideas09: Check out the photos from the Cooking Up Leadership session
maddiegrant: sterlingraphael: Unconference pool time with @maddiegrant and friends!
kikilitalien: @janpaultenwolde Hey! Welcome to the Twitterverse!
jeffhurt: @janpaultenwolde Welcome to Twittersphere!
pattidigh: @lindydreyer shoot. I was just there – near the bookstore – just got out of a/v problemshooting… sorry to miss yr session
janpaultenwolde: I’n new here. Hey!
greatideas09: Idea Labs begin at 1:30pm. Yes, it is hard to leave the sunshine but the content this afternoon is exceptional! See you soon!
jtcobb: @peggyhoffman and @maddiegrant Thanks for the tweet stream on Bloggercon!
jkhewett: It’s snowing here so pics of your poolside lunch are most appreciated
randisumner: CUL take home:take something simple, well known & comfortable and fancy it up!
jkhewett: RT @tkpleslie : @jkhewett For withit.org..our most effective mbr comm tools are: LI group, e-newsletter, eblasts, VP’s hold events
twendly: Current Top 10 trends: #pcto09, #barcampmiami, #Oscars, Liverpool, , iPhone, Mardi Gras, Coraline, God’s, California
peggyhoffman: bloggercon – is the issue one of literacy vis-a-vis SM? yes generations have different skills but do any have literacy?
greatideas09: Enjoy the sunshine and join us at the Spa Pool for lunch at 12pm.
smartbrief: 1300 of their 7000 members are participating via Facebook — ACEP offers incentives for that (tshirts)
peggyhoffman: extreme speed in engagement seen on SM – no assn is matching that!
maddiegrant: bloggercon: generational issues in focus – only time ever that four generations operating at the same time in the workforce
smartbrief: Created a “chart of needs” – “painful” to develop, but critical to their work today
smartbrief: ACEP learned that depending career life cycle, needs changed — helped them to segment + target
smartbrief: Then asked: how are we doing to meet those needs?
maddiegrant: bloggercon: can we help make a shift from “member” to “citizen”?…
smartbrief: However, 60-80% of members say they are satisfied right before they jet!
smartbrief: Watch out for benefits overload when new member first comes on board — direct your members thru the clutter based on who THEY are
jkhewett: If you wait for something to be “perfect” you will miss the opportunity to communicate
jeffhurt: @peggyhoffman Social Media Skillset for an organization, sounds like a great blog post in the making!
maddiegrant: bloggercon: still not clear skill set for finding people who are capable of operating well in this space
maddiegrant: bloggercon: we need to be transparent and we need to ATTRACT people.
jeffhurt: Love this quote: RT @peggyhoffman “we’re all media organizations (yes Virginia associations are changing!)’
maddiegrant: bloggercon: we’re all media orgs now! many associations have no idea how to be that
peggyhoffman: @jkhewett we’re all needing to reset as we see an overhaul of the economic system … some assn/prof are going away ;9
peggyhoffman: controversy sells tickets! if they see in blog you are willing to host controversy then they come to the meeting to continue
maddiegrant: bloggercon: control issue – fear of losing control of the conversation still exists
jeffhurt: @peggyhoffman I would say it’s the three-finger salute: Reboot! for the word and symbol of the year
cubanalaf: It is a mans responsibilty to communicate correctly. Joke in session.
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peggyhoffman: @Jeffhurt thanks … ahh so much work , so little time…
jkhewett: @peggyhoffman I would love to know as well … it’s great to see how other are doing it ..
smartbrief: Lehman assoc report: 30% of assns plan to provide members a social platform in next year!
sfeuer: I just learned it is ok that I talk to myself! Score!
sfeuer: In a GREAT session: I think I know what you said
smartbrief: @maddiegrant pub conerns – consider more e-newsletter options — ppl becoming more and more comfortable w paperless!
maddiegrant: bloggercon: associations starting blogs to get timely toolkit info out to members (Society of Am Florists good example)
smartbrief: @maddiegrant I like the “listening with empathy” as part of the economic downturn. Esp if there is a focus on solution sharing
smartbrief: What ppl are doing: Call new members, have other members call, take members out to dinner during conf to connect w other members
cubanalaf: “I Think I Know What I Think You Said” with Paul Endress in Doral D is a packed room. (via @GreatIdeas09 )
twendly: Current Top 10 trends: #pcto09, #wci, #Oscars, #barcampmiami, God’s, , Church, French, Liverpool, Jesus
jkhewett: Family is letting me come back to listen and learn! Yeah …
greatideas09: “I Think I Know What I Think You Said” with Paul Endress in Doral D is a packed room.
jamienotter: @Jeffhurt Sorry. Had to skip the first session to work on my presentation for tomorrow.
jeffhurt: @peggyhoffman Thanks for the tweets this am. Yr sharing helped Julie & I learn. Good thoughts, ?s from u 2!
jeffhurt: @peggyhoffman yes AMEN to confab for small assn re social media. Perhaps even virtual!
peggyhoffman: social media req: asae need a series of 1-hr sessions on the key media for novices … then one on strategy for experts.
peggyhoffman: @jkhewett same here vis-a-vis my assn mgmt clients who don’t pay me but I understand the importance
jeffhurt: RT @PRsarahevans : @Jeffhurt there is also which is updated daily. [Good stuff here 2]
prsarahevans: @Jeffhurt there is also which is updated daily.
jkhewett: I’ve been told I need to join the family for breakfast (no computers allowed at the table)… tweet ya’ll in a bit!
greatideas09: What Idea Lab are you going to? Sessions begin again at 10:45 a.m.
tweet_trends: : [twitter]
wabisabi: RT @jkhewett @AndrewOrtaleTEG Here’s a link to members of congress on Twitter (Thanks @Jeffhurt !)
jkhewett: I wish I were here! Thanks for the Pics!
maggielmcg: Not to always be plugging Yammer but I think it would be awesome tool for community-building among tele/remote staff.
lindydreyer: “Word of mouth is what made it successful for us” – applies to launching an eLearning program, too.
smartbrief: Final tip – Guarantee it. “If you’re giving a lot of money back, your conference sucks”
jkhewett: @maggielmcg I work where ever my computer is! The office, home, airport, Walmart 🙂
maggielmcg: I hate that people assume that teleworkers don’t work and in-office workers do–couldn’t be further from the truth!
jeffhurt: @maggielmcg I agree! My bad. Should said we looked for anyone who could do it. Only 1s that applied that could were younger.
smartbrief: Marketing tip No 6 – No wild goose chases – pre conf messaging should be focused on getting them to register, link to landing page
jkhewett: @SmartBrief One of my assn clients offers a $ discount if you renew early 🙂
lindydreyer: @maggielmcg Way cool! I think some folks are doing that already on second life.
lindydreyer: @jkhewett What platform do you use to present your webinars?
jkhewett: @peggyhoffman we’ve run into problems using the work “novice” as some are not willing to admit they are a novice
peggyhoffman: @Jeffhurt can you say which one? I’m always looking
jeffhurt: @jkhewett @peggyhoffman We’re doing same with YouTube. We use it to explain how 2 use our eCommunity, webinars, etc.
smartbrief: @GreatIdeas09 at outrageous now — he’s packing a lot into 70 mins
jeffhurt: @peggyhoffman Re Soc med champion n assn: wish! When we hired new employee, we looked 4 young, hip gen y who was n2 soc med 2 help
jkhewett: For my assn clients we are beginning to use YouTube as a tool to explain how to use social media
peggyhoffman: great session but came in for flickr, y
greatideas09: “Outrageous Association Marketing” “Lemons to Lemonade” and the “Social Media Lab” are the top 3 attended Idea Labs this morning.
smartbrief: Marketing tip No 4 — Make speakers earn their pay — one-on-one consulting, private seminars, giveaways
peggyhoffman: @kikilitalien best take-away was the message re training staff who work with volunteers key skills like facilitation
jkhewett: @peggyhoffman I too like FB Fan pages as you have more flexibility in terms of content available.
peggyhoffman: @Jeffhurt yup the same prob – how can we improve these chapter sites
peggyhoffman: our strategy is an outpost in the wilderness for Forum – its marketing/pr
jeffhurt: @Heleeene Thnx 4 sharing the tips. This Tweep in the Twittersphere appreciates it. Keep them coming. Lrng through your tweets.
smartbrief: Marketing strategy No. 2 — Get inside their heads
jeffhurt: @SmartBrief That’s good stuff. Keep it coming.
maggielmcg: In remote working session. Wish more people were in here because people need to hear this.
peggyhoffman: in SM Lab ,,, 2nd choice is video/photos not blogs of most used tech
monikkinom: @lindydreyer My blog url is you will like it!
j4ngis: @lindydreyer Beautiful! Wow! I love napkin “art”. And *so* powerful!
lindydreyer: Association bloggers – Have a post with extra awesomesauce? Tweet me URLs you want to discuss in the bloggercon at 10:45am.
randisumner: is getting ready to Cook Up Leadership!
greatideas09: Grab a bite to eat before heading to the Idea Labs beginning at 9:00 a.m.
davidgammel: lots of joggers out this morning, nice jogging trail around the course at Doral
jtcobb: … and I’ve also got some copies of the summary report from my 2008 Association E-learning Survey to hand out at the session.
jtcobb: RT @lindydreyer : We look forward to discussing what you’re blogging about at the 10:45 bloggercon session.
janetldye: RT @lindydreyer : We look forward to discussing what you’re blogging about at the 10:45 bloggercon session.
ljunker: @lindydreyer I definitely plan to be there! I’m really looking forward to it.
smartbrief: Beautiful day at the Doral. Sessions begin @9 . Met Rhea Blanken – running the Cooking Up Leadership event today. Anyone attending?
jamienotter: Mclovin, Jeff, and Elizabeth E are on our way to Yapstar party.
lindydreyer: If you’re a late night YAPstar, find a crew to cab back with. The ride ain’t cheap.
lindydreyer: @rrich @maddiegrant @maggielmcg and I are on our way to YAP at Purdy Lounge too. C u there.
pinnovation: McLovin forgot his hairbrush….anyone have one for him?
kikilitalien: Any news at on how the volunteerism unsession went???
kikilitalien: @maddiegrant Nope…I’m only doing Annual this year. Attending via Twitter and blogosphere…
cbedon: RT @austromac : RT @khaled_ouanes : A better typography on the web for 09? Here are 50 resources: (PLZ RT)
cynthiadamour: Met some very dynamic young professionals who are in ASAE’s first Leadership Academy class.
soniamarras: RT @khaled_ouanes A better typography on the web for 09? Here are 50 resources: (PLZ RT)
johnataylor: Been stressing the efficiency in my professional circle: RT @maddiegrant : Using Twitter may actually help reduce email overload
peterhutchins: @maddiegrant I second how good the conversation was in their session.
tweetingtrends: New Twitter Trend :
maddiegrant: well over time but conversation still going. nicely done Lindy and Scott!
agnewfarms: @peterhutchins @maddiegrant I think this is the most Twittering I have seen at a conference so far :
randisumner: try – a tool for creating a daily digest of your twitter that sends to email or to other socialmedia tools
ewengel: tweeting in sessions? hellz yeah!
ewengel: hashtags key for connecting people about real time events
andrewortaleteg: 2 of 2 you can find free wireless internet available in the social media lab between sessions. (End)
greatideas09: Enjoy the beautiful weather at tonight’s reception at 6:30 p.m. at the Blue Lagoon located across from lobby entrance.
smartbrief: YALSA on ROI: not so much with monetizing, but used to promote other rev gen outlets (conf, events)
ewengel: twitter as platform where updates can update other platforms in one (blog, FB, etc.)
rrich: Cool, another assn. with a committee on committees
jsfrankel: it’s really not that difficult!
randisumner: @maddiegrant and @jamienotter ? to take the analogy one more step — is there a respected version of “neilsen ratings” for twitter?
ewengel: @jamienotter twitter enforces brevity 🙂
maddiegrant: good analogy from @jamienotter to cable channels – there are hundreds, it’s not about watching every single show
smartbrief: YALSA also handing off duties for other social media (facebook etc) to member groups to take load off staff + engage + keep current
ewengel: A : fluid, real time, sorting, searching, grouping – broad picture – wide net – meet new people
maddiegrant: @getshust @lndydreyer just mentioned you in her preso. W00t!
ewengel: ? if you’re following over 1K people, how can you follow conversation? and why?
ewengel: relevance – be part of conversation (but the signal to noise thing can be a little tough)
ewengel: ? how do you make it relevant? (esp twitter)
kikilitalien: Between hearing @maddiegrant & @ewengel talking about “McLovin” and “The Gode” I am feeling really sad about not being at
maddiegrant: benchmark – compare month to month or this time last year
jamienotter: @FrankFortin You’re not here? 😦 Planning on quoting you in my session
ewengel: want comments and traffic? be thought-provoking
greatideas09: you can find free wireless internet is available in the social media lab.
ewengel: @Jeffhurt show others covering profession/industry – we need to be able to compete – increase SEO
jamienotter: Answer: don’t stress that it is social media. Just talk about how it will help you get content out to stakeholders easily
peterhutchins: @ewengel it’s actually warm in the social media lab.
maddiegrant: sum of voices = brand.
ewengel: RT @ewengel : ? about voice, frequency of posting (keep forgetting the hash to ideas!)
maddiegrant: they plug the blog in Associations Now a little bit but mostly the other way – blog promotes really good article more deeply
ewengel: ? on integrating trad media with socmem
jeffhurt: @ewengel Go Scott! Actually, yr passionate members will support you! You can live n fear or positive attd.
maddiegrant: @Jeffhurt you think so? they can’t not talk about it at all, but I’d say it’s very high percentage about other stuff going on
maddiegrant: They don’t moderate comments before they go live – use captcha to stop spam
jeffhurt: @maddiegrant Really? Seems they have talked about ASAE, frequently.
ewengel: Scott Briscoe debunks the myth of socmed will lead to people trashing the org! Go Scott!
cubanalaf: Sarah (fellow leadership academy student) is doing an awesome job in her presentation!
mdenhardt: off to Ira Koretsky’s session “From Good to Outstanding” In Palms North.
greatideas09: Idea Lab “Need Results Right Away?” was the most attended Idea Lab. Next set of Idea Labs begin again at 4:30p.m. See you in a few
maddiegrant: @SmartBrief what are they saying??
jamienotter: I don’t think you can totally separate process and content.
knuckleslap: F’n Awesome! Great tool. Thx for shrng RT @sterlingraphael : Check out > Web based whiteboarding
peggyhoffman: do your chapter websites make a weak 1st impression
jsfrankel: good idea, greg, let’s get back to the point and lessons learned!
sterlingraphael: @maddiegrant It’s a nice jacket! Maybe it’s her lucky speech outfit!?
smartbrief: Associations are concerned about FB and other “groups” supplanting what they provide
skneebone: Form 990 great opportunity to tell your organization’s story
maddiegrant: someone tell me what the problem is they are trying to solve? I think I missed something.
maddiegrant: change equation = dissatisfaction > vision > first steps (I think)
ewengel: why are conference rooms always the temp of meat lockers?
sterlingraphael: @IEEErss I’ll get the champaign, you get the OJ?
peggyhoffman: Anya’s asking us to draw a house that represents ASAE&Center. Seeing lots of windows … what’s your pix?
smartbrief: @ networking in action – doing RT room surveys using e-response tools — nice mix of assn + prof societies
tweetingtrends: New Twitter Trend :
jamienotter: @sterlingraphael I can get you one after this session
ewengel: economy providing excuse to kill sacred cows – preach!
savagemic: WIshes #webdesign and coming up with was easier.
ewengel: Real-time Strategic Change in Mimosa room – don’t fear the long walk!
trending: Now Trending:
jamienotter: @sterlingraphael Only a brain scientist could do that
smartbrief: Ha! Dan Roam talking about the conx btwn peets + starbucks – just read abt this in “united states of arugula”
sterlingraphael: How do you draw a picture for rocket surgery? 🙂
ahissrich: RT @ GreatIdeas09: Look for the cookies during the break following this general session!
greatideas09: Look for the cookies during the break following this general session!
pinnovation: @ljunker don’t misunderstand, I am black pen person…just want to share a different pov.
heleeene: My mind is loving this! Kewl!
pinnovation: @ewengel I agree, we simply need to remember that images represent but don’t define problems.
sterlingraphael: OmniGraph for Mac is great software for diagrams. Visual story telling is powerful
ljunker: @pinnovation Maybe complex problems could be helpfully broken down into smaller parts, for greater ease of solution?
maddiegrant: We’re trending! w00t!! and
wthashtag: is now trending
ewengel: how does this relate to DISC profile I wonder?
greatideas09: Dan will be signing his book signing in the bookstore immediately following the general session
davidgammel: Mutual assued death by powerpoint
maddiegrant: the fear of being clear – if you are truly clear then you become accountable.
maddiegrant: @maggielmcg don’t worry. come in anyway it’s cool! no one will care!
heleeene: someone who works on the hill told me that no one had the chance to read those 778 pages before they voted.
pinnovation: laffer curve at the heart of thoroughly discredited economic theory that created serious problems for our nation not gr8 example
ljunker: The presidential sketchpad drawings are pretty neat to see, I have to admit …
lindydreyer: Dan Roam’s consulting firm. :
lindydreyer: Dan Roam’s blog. :
jamienotter: I don’t think I could do a stick figure with a thumbs up though.
lindydreyer: Ready to talk neurobiology?
ljunker: Dan Roam: “We can solve our problems with pictures.”
maddiegrant: leadership academy peeps should be spread out more so they can meet more people!
lindydreyer: I spy @pattidigh . See what I did there – with the rhyme and stuff.
sterlingraphael: Great attendence in opening session at . Looking forward to a fantastic day!
pinnovation: RT @eduinnovation : Law of Innovation: That successes can’t go up unless failures go up, too. Cherish failure
heleeene: excited about the opening session!
maddiegrant: @peggyhoffman for love 🙂
kikilitalien: RT @pinnovation : need better language 2 capture meaning/value of contributions ppl make voluntarily.”volunteer” dsn’t capture it
cubanalaf: Caffeine Wake up call with @pdonahoo . Looking forward to starting!
maddiegrant: Awake. Sort of.
ahissrich: Day at a Glance up at Great Ideas website. What are you most excited about today at ?
kikilitalien: Good morning! Ready to think about volunteer efforts at your association?
brucehammond: @maddiegrant – just saw your post from earlier in response to mine about the heart <3… Hilarious!! Hope everyone has fun at !
stevedrake: . If u plan to attend my cause marketing session Mon, please download the PP handout. To conserve time, I’m assuming all have read.
maggielmcg: @bkmcae You need to put on a shiny shirt, find a cheap flight and come down for the Yap party tomorrow night!
elizabethb: On way to Miami for , BarCamp, and FOWA
jamienotter: @pinnovation McLovin. Nuff said
maddiegrant: @pinnovation mads in da house!
brianreuwee: Headed to Q-town for the Klefus-Yuskis Wedding. Congrats Courtney! @SteveDrake : Bring back some Great .
greatideas09: we have set up a feedburner feed for Great Ideas posts on Acronym.
jamienotter: off to good start. Flew down with @maddiegrant and by chance @scottsteen was the third in our row
sterlingraphael: @maddiegrant Love your avatar! Can’t wait to see you @ !
elizabethb: Getting really excited to see the group of @yapstar ‘s at !!!
elizabethb: Happy Friday! Excited to see everyone coming to and FOWA! Hopefully it’s warmer in Miami…
sterlingraphael: Done packing for Miami and . Now for a productive day to finish a great week!
pinnovation: @skneebone thanks for commiserating at zero dark thirty. see you at travel safely.
pinnovation: at going to try to capture some short video responses to this question: what are ur great ideas for assns during econ dwntrn?
jtcobb: @pinnovation Likewise, Jeff. Safe travels to you as well.
pinnovation: @jtcobb looking forward to seeing you at let’s find time to chat. travel safely!
jamienotter: Work stuff starting to fade. Excitement about Great Ideas starting to build.
lindydreyer: @anyacodack Couldn’t get your link about the session to work. ???
misslynn13: Bravo on introducing the bloggers and Tweeters! 😀 Makes things WAY less confusing (& more personal).
peggyhoffman: volunteerism unsession meme response from @ewengel
cynthiadamour: I’m attending the unconference on volunteering at – are you? There should be of great ideas to be shared there.
elizabethb: @maddiegrant @NFiStudios is excited to see you and other yapstars on Friday 🙂
deirdrereid: @maddiegrant I’m looking forward to your tweets from Miami. When does it start?
greatideas09: our bookstore will be offering a 10% discount on all onsite purchases.
greatideas09: Idea Lab handouts are already available online. View them online
GreatIdeas09: Fast Company Magazine listed Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin in The Best Business Books of 2008.
maddiegrant: @GreatIdeas09 sign up to the Code Name Ruti directory for the scoop!


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