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Where people can search for jobs

I have a friend who is currently searching for a new job and compiled this list of resources.  I thought it would be a good resource for anyone out there that is also searching. Feel free to add any resources that you know of to help her out!
Association Jobs
CEO Update (subscription required)
ASAE Job board (click on your career)
Marketing Jobs
Marketing Ladder (subscription required)
Marketing Hire

New Media and/or Technology

Government Job Boards – official site for Obama’s jobs (heard they got more than 3k resumes for 300 jobs)

General  (has a service to send your resume to a bunch of headhunters)
Cable Industry Sites
National Geographic:
Variety; (this one allows you to set up job searches to match your requirements and they email you the results)
Scripps:  Jupiter (this one is primarily jobs in the media industry but it could be listed under genral because the board is broken into categories such as "marketing", "IT", "HR", and "operations"


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