Starting a new year – Recap of 2008


Last year started with two conference that both had Sharepoint as the buzz word and talk of social networking. The ASAE Technology Conference had Sharepoint as the main focus with some discussion on Social Networking and Business Continuity. 

Our AMS Software vendor had sessions on Sharepoint and social networking and has embraced Sharepoint and Microsoft as the content Management system for their product and are releasing web parts for integration to Sharepoint in early 2009. 


We have launched a collaboration site that integrates with our AMS and a blog site that also integrates with our AMS.  This year we plan on focusing on the member facing website and moving our CMS to Sharepoint. I am just starting to look at the conference brochures for this year and getting ready to register for Microsoft Convergence in March and The Avectra Users and Developers Conference at the end of March. Looks like there is going to be many sessions on econnect and sharepoint and business intelligence.


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