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Facebook in Sharepoint

Facebook in Sharepoint –
from newsgator presentation – Delivering "Facebook for the Enterprise" with SharePoint


SharePoint + Social Sites



Profile Page

Profile Page

Home Page

Start Page

News Feed

Colleagues/Communities Recent Activity


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Clippings & Social Bookmarking

Friends/Add to Friends in Facebook

Social Network Graph & Recommended Colleagues



Collaboration, Portal, BI, Content Management, Search,  Processes, UC

Community Kit, Podcasting Kit, Ratings, Tagging, Codeplex

My Sites, Social Networking, Wikis, Blogs, Forums, RSS


Great Quote:

Social Computing is not a fad. Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by. Gradually, Social Computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world. Firms should approach Social Computing as an ongoing learning process, using some of the best practices of firms that have successfully taken the first steps.”

– Forrester Research


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