Computers and Internet

Software as a Service

Attended a session in Second Life on the Microsoft Island about Software as a service.  It was an interesting session held in the auditorium in the sky on the Island.  Microsoft uses large virtual white boards to diplay the slides in the presentation.  You can sit in a chair in the auditorium and listen to the presenter speaking and look at the slides. It is an interesting concept and does make you feel like you are attending a session with other people because you can see them sitting in chairs around you.
Notes that I took during the session:
Pros –
Pay for use of services as you use them
Always up-to-date capabilities – no costly upgrades or equipment
Protect from spam and malware, satisfy retention requirements and encrypt data to preserve confidentiality
No client piece to install – data is encrypted – data can be encrypted to email
Rich Outlook connectivity with web access
Full exchange
Exchange server 2007
Office sharepoint server 2007
Office communications server
Issues –
Domain cannot be federated – can not sync with our AMS
Free busy cannot be synchronized across environments.  Cannot see calendar across domains (hybrid and cloud)
Sharepoint online cannot upload any custom web parts to cloud
8-10 months you will be able to use designer
Office communications server limitations is there is no sip trunking
Cannot connect to voip systems
If you have a enterprise agreements you can get credit for software assurance
Step up user
Reduced pricing Now till April 2009
Get all four services for one rate:
 Exchange online standard
 Office sharepoint online standard
 Communications online IM and Presence
 Office live meeting
They even gave a prize for attending and offered a discounted rate for attendees just like the live events.
I plan on attending future sessions on the island.

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