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OpenSim on Microsoft Island

Went to Microsoft Island for the OpenSim class but my sound was not working till the end of the class. I tried tofollow the white boards and I was able to get the sound working so I could hear the end.
I was able to download the software but had to compile from the command line to figure out what error I was getting.  Turns out I needed to download .net 3.5 because the code was looking for framework\3.5
I finally got everything loaded and was able to launch Hippo and log in and create a new grid on my computer.   I ran out of disk space so I had to remove some large video files.  I was able to login an create some objects and terraform the island. Now that I know how this works I am going to set up a virtual server with more space and power. It is really amazing how simple it was and how far the Avatars have come in the last 10 years.  This was a great diversion from the projects that I have been working on.
OpenSimulator can be used to create a 3D Virtual World, and includes facilities for creating custom avatars, chatting with others in the environment, building 3D content in world, and creating complex 3D applications in world. run a simple standalone OpenSim on your Windows desktop to create and preview content

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