Social Networking

Social networking with Sharepoint

Random notes that i will try to sort out later –
My site  – Social networking – enabling my site with forms authentication. 
You tube – videos that can stream through sharepoint – saves the bandwidth on your server
– has intelligent codex and allows uploading without knowing all the complicated file types and sizing
Sharepoint – upload any file into sharepoint – videos – progressive downloads can cause choppy playback
– progressive download  – get as much as you can
large video files take space in the sharepoint database
– monitor the size if it gets too large you will need to add to your infrastructure
–Band width can be eaten up so you should put quotas size limits for uploads
– no more than 20mb  or less.
Watch for bottle neck with large file going over the pipe and being rendered
– better to use youtube
International Carwash Association – look at their site – great use of video
–  embedded videos uploaed and hooked up to a player. 
Takes advantage of what sharepoint and youtube are good at. 
The user does not see what happens. 
Upload to youtube  – webparts – playlist webpart   predefine the videos
upload webpart – allow users in your community to upload videos and provide information
– keeps track who uploaded in sharepoint but the file will go over to youtube 
The video is then streamed from youtube.
Digg – add url to article and throw to the community – thumbs up or down 
– keeps track who likes the article and the information is used to sort and display the items. 
– most popular will rise to the surface.
EO Entrepreneurs Organization – Creating social responsibility in the workplace
– added digg to their site to add to digg. 
great way to get people coming in from the outside social networking sites
Linked in – professional networking social media sites.  connection centric –
connection = friend  all about connections. clean design – Add a connection
– internal messaging 
Mysite page – knows all about you can find information on things in commen.  
– links, discussions, survey, lists – Real time collaboration – live messanger – capabilities with presence
– see if someone is online or not.
– email, schedule meeting, or call – links to Communications server
SusQTech community solution – aims to take advantage of everything in sharepoint and add to
– new groups, latest wiki entries, latest community discussions, latest blog postings
My network – update my profile  read my messages  update my blog  visit my groups  add a colleague 
my groups  groups directory create a group –  start now  groups directory –
Blog page last weeks most popular posts – top five blogs – top five blog by post count
– most recent posts – top 20 tags
tag clouds
EO – Share – drop down – favorites – delicious – my space – reddit – live – digg – google – facebook – newsvine
– pushes your articles and new out on the internet – increase membership – groups – recent activities – viewpoints – ask the community –

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