Social Networking

Inhouse or outsource social networking

My answer to the the blog "Associations should embrace existing social network services rather than create their own " while I agree that associations should embrace some of the existing social networking services but using the information in your AMS with social networking add-ons can help you leverage the information that you have collected to push out information based on interest, conferences attended, committee membership, volunteer positions just to name a few.

This allows you to help you members get information quickly when you post studies, webcasts, news or events. There are many options that are not that expensive.

We are going to use MOSS 2007 to tie to our AMS for a robust member directory – we are looking into ways to let members add their badges,blogs, tags, and twitter.

With the economy looking pretty grim I have concerns about who is going to be left when the "clouds" lift. I think Microsoft will still be around and I feel more secure with my members data staying protected. But I am new to all of this so I expect to learn a lot in the next year as we start planning the new website.


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