Social Networking

Death watch of Web 2.0

I have been wondering when the shake up would start with all the web 2.0 companies.  I looked at various platforms to deploy my associations Networking (Social, Professional, whatever you want to call it). There are many companies with platforms for membership that you can integrate with your AMS system but all the data collected stays on the platform – connections, blogs, bookmarks, etc.  If the company goes out of business, suddenly wants to raise the price or there is a falling out you have no way to recover the information.  It is not like you would want to copy and paste every blog and I would assume the member would want to retain their information.
My biggest concern was who will be left.  I finally chose to use sharepoint and have the site hosted.  I felt that I would have control over where the members information was plus creative liberty on the site with the style sheets and design.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months as associations cut back on spending but still look for better ways to communicate to members.
I now have the site up and I am working on a road map which includes – facebook, linkedin, ning, and twitter.  I am trying to make sure that we at least have a presence on the web in all the hotspots.  Hopefully I can drive people to our site because it will be so awesome that they will want to check out all the great information that we have.

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