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Learning about Blog’s

I am researching Professional Networking  – Blogs, Wiki’s, Association Management Software, MOSS – Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services, web sites, collaboration on the internet and what is required with hardware, software, time, measurement of success of the site.
Any comments, suggestions, and feedback from those who are just starting out to experts that have the whole thing figured out are welcomed.
There have been some major breakthroughs on the use of the web for Associations in the last few years with registration, membership renewal and information updates all now done online. The days of downloading forms and faxes are almost gone with members now able to go online and register for a conference, renew their memberships and update their information quickly. The next wave appears to be the mobile devices that can interact with the websites.
I have watched the web  go from a static page with information that was difficult to update and manage to a robust interactive environment where people can easily share information in real time.
This week we will launch an interactive site using MOSS for our committees to share documents and work on projects on the web.  The committee members will be able to log in to our website and go to committee site without having to sign in again. Once there the site is customized to the individual- they see only the committees that they belong to.  The member is presented with special ianouncements, a task list, recent posted documents, a calendar of events and links to shared documents and a committee roster with contact information on other committee members.
This is the beginning of our use of professional networking using MOSS so I will try to post information on what I find useful and any problems that we run into.

One thought on “Learning about Blog’s

  1. Deepak says:

    Hi Mari Anne,
    Good Luck with your blog.  It looks great.  It would be interesting to see how the Web 2.0 technology will benefit and add value to the organization. 

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